Design preparation

The basic steps for creating a work of art

Presentation of the design/pattern to be created in Mosaic and the measurements of the space that will house it.

Drawing up the estimate indicating materials, mosaic techniques and installation best suited to the mosaic project

Preparation of the design on paper to actual size

Fabrication of the Artistic Mosaic.

Packing and shipping

Installation at the final location.

Giorgio Vasari, distinguished art historian of the 1500s, called mosaic “eternal painting,” emphasizing what is still recognized by all as the most important peculiarity of this language, its durability, resistance to the elements, and permanent chromatic beauty.

An Artistic Mosaic is always born from an idea, that is, an image that one decides to immortalize with tiles.

Whether it is a public, private or religious work, the choice of subject is crucial to the success of the final Mosaic.

If the sketch fits well with the architectural space that will house the Mosaic, there is no doubt that the mosaic artwork will give harmony and pleasure to the entire surrounding space.

We at Travisanutto Mosaics have collaborated and still are in close contact with internationally renowned artists of various genres and styles, and to each we offer the most suitable techniques to translate their work into a perfect Mosaic.

We create hyper-realistic classical works, such as portraits, landscapes or compositions of nature in its various forms and colors.

But we also know how to elaborate modern and abstract Mosaics, with the use of tiles of different sizes.

In religious works we are masters of Byzantine art, a technique that has followed strict rules for over a thousand years, and our works can be seen in some of the most important places of worship in the world.

The Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington, D.C., the Knock Basilica in Ireland, just to name a few.

Once you decide on the sketch, communicate the measurements and final placement, whether the Mosaic will go outside or inside, whether wall or floor, we will be able to give you a quote very quickly.

We will give you an analysis of what are the best techniques for making your mosaic and what are the options for installing it at the final location.

We will make you a full-scale drawing by hand, on which you can work by making any changes you deem appropriate, and we will show you the materials we have available to fabricate your Artistic Mosaic.

With enamels and Ori from Murano and Venice, with naturally occurring polychrome marbles, the color choices are virtually endless, and we can guarantee that your mosaic work will remain unaltered forever.