Production of Artistic Mosaics

During the creation of the Mosaic you are welcome to visit our studio in Spilimbergo, to follow the birth of the work in all its phases, to catch the fascinating details and the precious manual skill that are the basis of all our work.

And in Spilimbergo you will also be able to visit the Mosaic School, a unique jewel in the world, and enjoy the enchanting landscape, surrounded as we are by the beautiful Alps, while sipping a good glass of wine with a few slices of San Daniele ham.

You will see how today it is still possible to work manually following the tradition, and you will be able to verify all the care we devote to our Mosaics in every step of the work.

Great attention will be paid to packing and shipping, whether by sea or air, as well as to installation, which can include sending our experts to the final site if needed.

You will feel cared for and safe because you will be in the hands of experts who have been honing their skills for decades, constantly improving.

Our Artistic Mosaics are always unique pieces, authentically Made in Italy.

They have the ambition to make the spaces around us better and consequently our very existence.