WHO WE ARE – HISTORY Made in Italy

It all began in 1949, the year in which Giovanni Travisanutto, just eleven years old, enrolled

at the Friuli Mosaic School in Spilimbergo, attending it for the following four years.

After graduating as a Master Mosaicist, Giovanni was offered a job at the same institute, first as an assistant, then as a mosaic teacher.

He will remain at the Mosaic school for 16 years, until 1970 when he is given the opportunity to go and direct a prestigious workshop in New York, Crovatto Mosaics Inc., founded by another Friulian, Costante Crovatto, who emigrated from Toppo to United States.

Giovanni Travisanutto so moved to New York and a few years later his wife and children joined him. They will stay there for 10 years.

The New York period lays the foundations for all the collaborations that will be created in the following years with artists and architects, but in that time Giovanni realizes that in order to be able to meet the ever-increasing number of requests for mosaic works, alone or with few beside him, he can’t do it, he needs many other mosaicists.

There are none in the United States, the School where he had taught and which prepares for this job is in Spilimbergo; that’s where you have to go back.

In 1979, therefore, the decision to return and open his own studio in Spilimbergo with the help of his wife Lina. The Travisanutto Giovanni firm officially starts.

All the projects that arrive in Spilimbergo from New York allow the Studio to create and train over the years a team of expert craftsmen, a team of professionals with whom to work.

Meanwhile, in Carmel, New York, Stephen Miotto, also clearly of Friulian origins, opens the Miotto Mosaic Art Studios Incorporated, continuing and implementing what had been done by Crovatto Mosaics.

Stephen had known Giovanni since he was a young boy and frequented the Crovatto laboratory, and with Giovanni Travisanutto he began a working collaboration and a great friendship that for almost 40 years has generated an impressive quantity of Artistic Mosaics that have embellished hundreds of public spaces.

Underground subway and railway stations, airports, embassies, schools, hospitals, buildings and public squares host the Artistic Mosaics created by the Miotto Travisanutto team.

In 1993 Giovanni’s son, Fabrizio Travisanutto, graduated Master Mosaicist after having achieved the classical high school diploma and from 2003 he took over the leadership of the firm.He has a plan in mind, a strategy that continues and amplifies the excellences that have distinguished the Studio founded by his father.

To create an ever-increasing group of collaborators, the most expert, the most talented craftsmen in the world and with them guarantee mosaic works of unsurpassed quality, created in reasonable times. Always aim for the highest quality, that’s the main rule.Growth becomes exponential, both in religious art and in public works, and today Travisanutto Mosaics is considered the world’s leading company in the creation of Artistic Artisans Mosaics, both in terms of beauty and durability.In addition to the partner Miotto Mosaics in New York, Travisanutto also collaborates with the Conrad Pickel Studio in Vero Beach, Florida and with Rugo Stone LLC in Washington DC.In the Byzantine market, Travisanutto Mosaics is honored to serve the Master Vlasios Tsotsonis, official iconographer of the Greek Orthodox Church.

In 2018 the Financial Times included the Travisanutto Mosaics company among the 50 best growing companies in Italy and among the best 200 companies in Europe.You can admire Travisanutto’s mosaics in every corner of the planet.In addition to the United States and Canada, Asia and Australia have also begun to appreciate their artifacts in recent years.Making a list of the hundreds of Mosaic works created in over half a century is almost impossible. Wanting to mention some of the most important religious sites we find:The Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Greek Orthodox area, project still in progress.

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC., more than 25,000 square feet of figurative mosaics in the domes and chapels;The Basilica of Our Lady of Knock, Knock Ireland, with the Apparition Mosaic behind the altar.

The Slovak Catholic Cathedral in Markham, Ontario, Canada and many other churches around the world.In Public Art, together with Miotto Mosaic Art Studios Inc., more than 50 subway stations in New York, the airports of Washington DC, Orlando in Florida, Atlanta, Seattle, Minneapolis, the Embassies of the United States in Belgrade, Bucharest, Dakar, Brasilia, London, Beirut, as well as many other schools, public buildings, squares and murals, hundreds of Artistic Mosaics always inspired by the sketches of world-famous artists.

The word of mouth of these Artists with other Artists is the best advertisement of Travisanutto Mosaics, a Company that has the knowledge and skills to be able to create Mosaics of any artistic genre, classic, modern or Byzantine.In Thailand, in the Wat Rachabophit temple, a unique first of its kind project is taking shape in these years. With the micro mosaic technique 12 panels, that tell the life of King Rama V, are created and will be placed in the Coronation hall, a first absolute that will enter the History of Art of Thailand and of the Mosaic world in general.The growth of orders is constant and the team of expert mosaic craftsmen is enriched every year with new young elements, which are joined by the more experienced ones.

In this way, this noble craft, so precious and complex, will survive the times and Travisanutto Mosaics will always be able to guarantee artistic mosaics of impeccable workmanship in the decades to come.