If you are looking for a custom made Artistic Mosaic, if you are an artist and you have received an order to transform your drawing, your idea, into mosaic, We at Travisanutto Mosaics can help you turn your ideas in reality.It doesn’t matter if your Mosaic will decorate a dome, a wall, a floor, if it will be underwater in a swimming pool or on top of a mountain with snow and ice.For every place and context, we will provide you with the best solutions, the best materials, the most qualified craftsmanship in the world.

For a quick quote, usually we reply within few hours, here’s what we need:1 – an image of your sketch, a drawing or a photograph of your idea, what you would like to create in Mosaic.2 – the measurements of the finished work, how big this mosaic will be.3 – Where it will be placed, whether it will be a floor, wall or ceiling mosaic.

With these three simple information, we will give you a precise quotation, which will be accompanied by many other valuable information.We will suggest the most suitable materials for your Mosaic, depending on where it will be placed.We will give you all the options on the supports and adhesives available, it is our priority to make the final installation as easy and quick as possible.When we have to create Artistic Mosaics on curved surfaces, such as the domes in Churches, we work with the reverse on paper mosaic technique, and the installation is care of our expert teams.

If the Artistic Mosaic goes on a straight wall or floor, at Travisanutto Mosaics we can already install it in our studio and deliver it in sections on mesh or honeycomb panels, making installation extremely easy and achievable by local workers.But if you still prefer having our expert installers, we can send them all over the world.When we receive your sketch, it’s always useful to have a chat.

We want to know how you imagine your Mosaic, what are your expectations, your tastes and we are available to create a sample to show you which technique we intend to use, so that your idea is realized as faithfully as possible.We are connoisseurs of all mosaic techniques, from classic hyper-realism to the more abstract modern, from the typical Byzantine of the Orthodox Churches, to the copies of ancient Roman Mosaics and all these different techniques are at your disposal.We have a large drawing room where we enlarge your sketch and draw it at full size on our paper, ready to be transformed. A complete service, from design to installation.We can create your mosaic with direct or reverse on paper technique, depending on the effect you want to obtain, always keeping in mind the place where the mosaic will be placed.You are welcome to come and visit us in our studio, to see and touch the thousands of shades of Venetian Murano smalti glass, to personally get to know the best expert mosaic masters who work with us, a team of absolute excellence formed over many years through extraordinary works.

Here you will find the best craftsmen in the world, ready to serve you and you will understand it immediately as soon as you walk through the door of our workshop. You will see how everything is strictly handmade, with absolute attention to the smallest details.We always seek perfection in our products, and it will be clear to you that our price is only the result of the work of our expert Mosaicists, the days of work that these Masters will dedicate to your work, the precious materials used, and nothing else.Unlike the large mosaic industries, forced to sell low quality at high prices, because their prices also  need to include the costs of representation, showrooms, office personnel, marketing and advertising, at Travisanutto Mosaics you pay only the Work.Our only advertising are the mosaics that we have created over many years with dedication and passion.

Often in public artworks there is a budget to respect, and we will take care in assisting you also in the simplification process when it’s necessary, giving you alternatives that allow the project to remain within the budget limits without losing in beauty and quality.An Artistic Mosaic is forever and will remain over the centuries to show its beauty:On that Mosaic, the Artist puts his name, We put our reputation.With this great responsibility, we work with pride every day and put our hearts together with those thousands of colored stones.All strictly handmade, exclusively Made in Italy.