Byzantine mosaic reproductions represent themes and symbols of the most important elements of this culture. Our artistic mosaics follow the traditions and the rules of this particular form of art in the most faithful way: every detail is rendered with attention, and this is why modern creations have the same value of ancient designs. Gorgeous patterns and exquisite colors are just two of the most appreciable peculiarities of these creations, that are also characterized by tenderness, domesticity and grandeur.

In the Byzantine Empire, mosaic art had flourished for a thousand years, from 500 AC to 1400: that is why Byzantine mosaic reproductions are an important witness of this part of history. Golden mosaics used to generally cover Byzantine church interiors, and even if the majority of these artworks has been destroyed as a result of conquests and wars, the surviving remains are now part of important collection.

Traditionalism is mingled with innovations, just like what happened with Byzantine art in the post-iconoclastic era, and decorations are an example of geometric beauty. As art can be considered a symbol of immortality, our reproductions, which are realized using the original techniques, are pure life.